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ABE10KXH / ABE10KXHF - 10W Ext. Ku-Band Block Up Converter
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ABT6ARS/ABT6ARSF - BiasT /w 10Mhz Reference
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AF137072 - 6ft C-Band Flex Waveguide
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AL10500 - 500KHz Stability Ku-Band DRO LNB
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ABD40KX / ABD40KXF - 40W Ext. Ku-Band Block Up Converter
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It is our belief that as satellite communication network operators become more knowledgeable, satellite earth station equipment becomes more of a commodity.  There is less need for expert system advice since the buyer often knows as much or more than the component manufacturers.  Further, as satellite equipment becomes smaller, more integrated, and more intelligent, the products migrate toward lower commodity prices. This
value migration is the strategic insight that led to the creation of Actox. The knowledgeable satellite ISP and system operator can come to the Actox web site guaranteed to find complete hardware, software, and network components at the lowest prices.

The Actox Corporation is privately held and founded upon the decades of international business experience in the fields of telecommunications and software development of its principal investors.  Through years of close association in manufacturing, marketing and systems integration, the founders’ organizational development is dedicated to applying established e-commerce tools to simplify the selection and purchase of components as well as systems for Internet via Satellite applications.

The concept is to provide an e-commerce site dedicated to the provision of the lowest cost satellite communications hardware.  This concept soon expanded to include SOHO terminal and ISP system integration.  Network and telecom test & measurement equipment were then added to the product selection.  Finally, products and services such as transponder bandwidth, and ISP software were added to enable the small low-cost satellite terminal buyer to select a complete ISP package—the ISP in a Crate—at a single stop on the Internet.

Actox manages the manufacturing, importation, sales, marketing, and integration of satellite telecommunication products originating in Europe, USA, and Asia.  Actox also maintains its own manufacturing facilities, service centers and sales offices in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Actox Works Around the World

AL9750005 - 5 KHz-Stability Ku-Band PLL LNB
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ABC25UKA / ABC25UKAF - 25W Universal Ka-Band Block Up Converter
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ABD220DC/ABD220DCF - 220W Ext. C-Band Block Up Converter
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ABC40UKA / ABC40UKAF - 40W Universal Ka-Band Block Up Converter
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