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ABE12KXHM/ABE12KXHMF - 12W Ext. Ku-Band Block Up Converter   
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This unit features:

Output frequency 13.75-14.50 GHz

Based on GaN technology which enables high efficiency, low energy consumption and high reliability

Double - L.O. (switchable 12.80 and 13.05 GHz)

Incomparable low power consumption (68W max)- can be powered by iDirect or similar modems

Extreme P-Out GaN linearity

Digital temperature compensation

L.O. lock and amplifier LEDs

Field-exchangeable (F/N) IF connector

Internal 10 MHz reference, high stability (optional)

RoHS compliant


RF Frequency

Local Frequency

IF Frequency

Output Power



13.75 to 14.50 GHz

12.80 and 13.05 GHz

950 to 1,700 MHz

12W (+41 dBm min.)



13.75 to 14.50 GHz

12.80 and 13.05 GHz

950 to 1,700 MHz

12W (+41 dBm min.)


Block Upconverters (BUCs)  /  Ku-Band   Manufacturer: Actox
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Output interface

Waveguide, WR-75 G

Output power

+41 dBm minimum over temperature

Conversion gain

62 dB typ

External reference required frequency

External reference input power

Phase noise (Exceeds Intelsatís standard IESS308/309)

10 MHz (sine-wave)
-5 to +5 dBm @ input port
-53 dBc/Hz max. @ 10 Hz
-63 dBc/Hz max. @ 100 Hz

-73 dBc/Hz max. @ 1 KHz

-83 dBc/Hz max. @ 10 KHz

-93 dBc/Hz max. @ 100 KHz

-113 dBc/Hz max. @ 1 MHz

Input V.S.W.R.

2:1 max

Output V.S.W.R.

2:1 max



DC power requirement

+15 to +60 V


Shut off the BUC if L.O. unlocked

Input interface

N-type, female (50 Ohm)

F-type, female (75 Ohm)

Power consumption

68W max.

Operating temperature

-40 to +55 degrees C

Storage temperature

-55 to +85 degrees C

Vibration & shock

Complies with MIL-STD-810E

Size (mm)

140 (L) x 120 (W) x 69.5 (H)

Weight (kg)

1.2 (2.6 lbs) (max.)

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