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AL2L0025 / AL2L0025N

AL2L0025 / AL2L0025N - 25 KHz Stability Ku-Band PLL LNB   

Input frequency 10.70-12.75 GHz

L.O. Control Switchable by 13V/18V or 22kHz

Noise figure 0.7dB typ

High OIP3

RoHS compliant

Three year warranty


RF Frequency

Local Frequency

Local Stability

IF Frequency

IF Connector


10.70- 11.70 GHz

9.75 GHz

25 KHz

950- 1,950 MHz

F or N-type


11.70- 12.75 GHz

10.6 GHz

25 KHz

1,100- 2,150 MHz

F or N-type

Block Downconverters (LNBs)  /  Ku-Band   Manufacturer: Actox
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